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A year ago, Jeff Godfrey was the man. UCF was conference champions and Godfey was a freshman All American. We had three more seasons to look forward to of this exciting play maker at quarterback. And now? One year later, we are not going to a bowl game. UCF has suffered its fourth losing season in eight years and Godfrey is leaving. Godfrey’s story is George O’Leary wanted him to stay in the pocket longer this year.

Some would say “why would a coach want to fool with what is working?” This is a valid point. But in all fairness, standing pat or keeping the “status quo” can sometimes get you into trouble. There is nothing wrong with trying to get better. The trick is as a coach to learn when you need to make improvements or leave well enough alone. Unfortunately it seems, O’Leary missed it with Godfrey. This is not the first time a coach has tried to change a player and ended up totall;y messing him up. There is the story about how the New York Mets took a young Jose Reyes and tried to change the way he ran. He spent most of the next season on the DL with bad hammies.

Sometimes making adjustments can work wonders for a player. Sometimes the opposite happens. A good idea would be to wait until there is a sign there might be a problem BEFORE trying to fix it. So now it looks as if Rob Calabrese may have to go back to QB next season because UCF will likely be every thin at the position. They just lost a recruit at QB to Princeton. With Godfrey leaving that leaves Bortles as the only QB currently on the roster. So in the Spring Game either Calabrese is going to have to QB one of the teams or a true freshman who we don’t even have yet will have to.


One Response to “Godfrey is Leaving. The Perfect End to this Train Wreck of a Season”

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    Kyle Says:

    Olearys a stubborn A*%#%*e. It’s always his way or the high way. Sometimes instead of trying to change the player, u need to change the way u coach. Look at Tebow, not saying he’s a model QB, but instead of changing his play. They changed the whole offense n now they’ve started winning.


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